The Arts Facet


The objective of this facet is to encourage appreciation of and support for cultural enrichment and the arts. We are at the forefront of organizational advocacy for the preservation of African American cultural heritage.  A part of our mission is to help empower artists to become an integral part of the global art community and to sponsor programs for youth.


The Potomac (VA) Chapter  sponsors quality programs for display of talent by budding as well as established artists.  We use our influence with public and private art institutions to insure inclusion of African American artists.


In addition to our many art excursions, the Potomac (VA) Chapter sponsored the development and application of an after-school Arts Program for the children of formerly homeless families. Although the children were in stable, long-term transitional housing, they were without any safe after school activities. The Potomac (VA) Chapter’s sponsorship of a skill and value based arts curriculum resulted in the development of an exciting and successful arts program for 26 families in transitional housing. The program was funded by The Links Foundation, Incorporated.


In 2012 we, along with the Washington, DC Chapter of The Links, sponsored An Afternoon With The Arts.  It was held at THEARC and featured live performances, hidden treasures and a silent auction.